Catherine Cuffley - Founder

We Develop Leaders

"Thinking Choices helps City Organisations to develop the calibre of leaders critical for success. This enables both the organisations and the leaders within them to thrive."

Our coaches and facilitators are experienced in working with business leaders and aspiring leaders. We provide a space for the coachee to learn and develop through questioning and the opportunity to reflect and take actions towards their goals.

One to One Executive Coaching and Group Programmes

We offer one to one executive coaching and group programmes for senior leaders as well as those newer to leadership, including those moving into their first leadership position.

Senior Leaders

We work with senior leaders to maximise their contribution to the business. We work one to one and with groups of leaders to help them make the lasting transformations in thinking and behaviour that will enable them to make a measurable impact on business success.

Working with trusted external support provides a welcome safe space for this key group to both develop greater self-awareness and work on priority areas of greatest leverage for business success. One such area is effective leadership of change.

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Leaders in Transition

Transitioning into a new role can be a very challenging time for any newly promoted leader, particularly when the promotion is to a much more senior role. We support leaders to understand the dimensions of the new role and the areas they will need to focus on in their personal development. We work with the individuals to put together a plan and then support them to make the transition smooth and successful. We support those preparing for their first leadership position right up senior leaders progressing into executive roles.

Grounded in Applied Neuroscience

Research has shown that behaviours - both helpful and unhelpful - spring from what is happening in our brains. The more we can become conscious of our thoughts and then choose the thoughts we have, the more we can shape our behaviour to help us reach our goals. We can develop genuine Thinking Choices.

Thinking Choices’ executive coaching and leadership development is firmly grounded in recent discoveries from neuroscience. This gives a robust scientific foundation to our work.

About Catherine Cuffley

I work with leaders and aspiring leaders to transform their leadership and thereby enhance their overall business contribution. We work together to develop specific skills as well as exploring more deeply the type of personal leadership required to deliver results.

I work with established leaders as well as those new to role seeking to achieve a smooth and swift transition to high levels of performance in the new post. I work both one to one and with groups.