Joanna Gaudoin

In today’s highly competitive market, positive image and impact make a real difference to personal and organisational success.

Joanna is an image expert who specialises in helping professional people with all aspects of their style, appearance and personal impact.

She works privately with senior women to help them communicate themselves authentically and confidently to make a desired impact in every work based scenario. She also runs workshops and events.

With a background in the corporate world in marketing and as a consultant, Joanna’s clients are predominantly in the consultancy, finance and legal sectors.

Her vision is for people to present themselves the best way they can be in their lives to help them build better relationships, communicate themselves more effectively and achieve their goals.


Proven to be very useful

Joanna’s knowledge around colour, style and how to present yourself has proven to be very useful.

Catherine B. , Strategic Planning Manager

Excellent communication skills and integrity

Joanna’s business pedigree, excellent communication skills and integrity quickly secured my trust and respect, but it is, I think, her unconditional commitment to a client’s success that makes her such an exceptional professional.

Susan L. , Business Owner

Easy and totally professional to work with

Joanna was easy and totally professional to work with. She adapted her content according to the specific interests and questions of those who took part. She has significant expertise on the area of personal image.

Ashley H.

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