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Workshop was really interesting and interactive

The workshop was really interesting and interactive, with useful examples. The topics raised during the workshop were new for me and useful. Thanks to the speaker Catherine Cuffley and to CIPD for the practical, involving workshop

CIPD Performance Management

Very good active listener

I had the immense pleasure of having Catherine Cuffley as my coach. Catherine was excellent at making me realise that by visualising where you want to go or what you want to achieve, your goals then become more accessible. Catherine is a very good active listener - she knew what questions to ask me in order to help me organise my thoughts without overpowering the session.

Amanda R. HR Manager - Global IT Solutions Business

Better able to handle confrontation

I feel I have gained enormously from the coaching process. I no longer get so nervous when having to speak in front of a large number of people. I also find speaking at work meetings easier and believe I voice my opinions clearly and concisely.

I now regularly attend external updates and make an effort to get to know people from other banks. My coaching improved my working relationship with a key Director and I felt more able to be honest and open in our communication. I am now better able to handle confrontation and always consider if a face to face meeting aids a resolution.

We are in a time of great change at the Bank and Catherine gave me some useful advice on change management techniques. I found working with Catherine extremely easy. She is a warm and professional person. I felt free to discuss issues openly and honestly without worrying about any consequences on my work role.

Nina S. Financial Controller - City Bank

Easy and totally professional to work with

Joanna was easy and totally professional to work with. She adapted her content according to the specific interests and questions of those who took part. She has significant expertise on the area of personal image.

Ashley H.

Delivered in an engaging way

Thank you for an outstandingly good talk yesterday. Many of our members go on to lead FTSE companies, and your material was perfectly tailored to their needs; included helpful and memorable tips and was delivered in an engaging way – well done! So, a very successful event all round. I have no hesitation in recommending that we include Catherine’s talk in future programmes at other CIMA Branches.

CIMA South London

Helped me step up to a new and challenging role

Catherine’s coaching helped me step up to a new and challenging role at Board level. Having had her own previous career in business she was able to easily identify with issues and problems faced at senior management level. I would highly recommend Catherine as an executive coach.

Karen M. Chief Financial Officer - Banking Sector

...invites a considered response

Catherine’s style is open, thoughtful and friendly. She is not afraid to challenge but in a way which invites a considered response. Her support, guidance and encouragement have enabled me to move forward in a timescale I would not have considered possible when I first saw her.

Lucy H. Senior Associate - Law Firm

Excellent communication skills and integrity

Joanna’s business pedigree, excellent communication skills and integrity quickly secured my trust and respect, but it is, I think, her unconditional commitment to a client’s success that makes her such an exceptional professional.

Susan L. Business Owner

Still able to enjoy some quality time with my family

Catherine’s coaching helped me manage my workload differently and effectively manage my new team. She also suggested several techniques to help me balance my very busy life. As a result, I am still able to enjoy some quality time with my family, whilst working full-time and studying. Catherine was an absolute pleasure to work with.

Rachel B. IT Manager - Banking Sector

A great asset to anyone who is fortunate to have her as a coach

Catherine coached me through my first 18 months on my leadership journey in a new organisation. She was professional, constructively challenging and effective at helping me to appreciate others’ perspectives in a given situation. She readily had a set of tools and ideas that I could try to help me navigate complex relationships and coach my team through continually changing processes. Her personable style made her a great coach who is sorely missed! A great asset to anyone who is fortunate to have her as a coach.

Janet W. Senior Director - Global Charity

Thoroughly insightful and enjoyable

Catherine was the key speaker at our inaugural Women in Sport Speaker Session and beautifully described some real issues facing women in our industry today.

The good news was that she also provided some practical and useful advice and insight in how to deal with such things as Imposter Syndrome, Tiara Syndrome, the nightmare of networking and how we can better manage our mind-set. A thoroughly insightful and enjoyable event.

Thank you Catherine.

Women's Sport Business Speaker Series BBC & Perform

Enhanced Confidence

So much of what you said resonated and I came away feeling 10 feet tall and as though I could take on the world!

Karen M. Chief Financial Officer – Banking Sector

Much More Comfortable at Networking

I wanted to say thank you for teaching me how to talk to strangers. I had the most brilliant time (at a 3 day conference) because of the pointers you gave me.

Clare W. Director – Financial Advisory Firm

Ability to rapidly identify and adapt

Catherine’s key strengths as a coach are her ability to rapidly identify and adapt to preferred communication styles, understanding of goals and her knowledge and experience of coaching styles and techniques. I would recommend her as a coach because of her effectiveness, identification of congruence of individual and business needs and structured approach.

Jane J. Senior IT Manager - Global Agrichemical Business

Informative & engaging

Catherine’s presentation was informative and engaging and allowed the L&D professionals to gain an understanding on the complex subject of Neuroscience and raised many questions from the group on how to take this forward in their own organisations.

Lloyd's Agency Training Group